Have A Question? Below Are Some Common Q&A's

  • What is different about Arizona Dance Studio?

    At Arizona Dance Studio we pride in being the family-friendly neighborhood dance studio. At Arizona Dance Studio we have a NO Stress policy. Our goal here is for our dancers and their families to be comfortable in choosing dance and the first way in implementing that goal is to have stress free zone.

  • How early can my child begin dancing?

    Children can begin dancing at age 2!  We highly recommend our combination classes that focus on multiple genres of styles of dance rather than just one.  This way your child is exposed to different movements and also different kinds of music.

  • Where is Arizona Dance Studio located?

    Where is Arizona Dance Studio Located? We are located on the southwest corner of Riggs Road & Arizona Ave. in Chandler, Arizona.  We are the most southern suite in the complex sharing with Goodwill just north of the Tractor Supply Store.  25410 S. Arizona Ave, Chandler, AZ 85249

  • Can I watch my dancer during their class?

    Yes, as one of the few studios in Arizona we pride in being electronically current. In the studio lobby we have viewing TV’s for parents to watch their dancer during class.  Crowded windows and congested hallways are a thing of the past, our viewing room has enough chairs for everyone and of course, enjoy the FREE WIFI!

  • When can I register my dancer for classes?

    Today is the Day! We accept registrations for new dancers at anytime throughout the year.

  • Does my dancer have to be a part of recital?

    Yes, all dancers that are registered in weekly classes are required to perform in at least 1 dance in recital.

  • What performances will my dancer be in?

    Arizona Dance Studio has many opportunities for your dancer throughout the year. Performance opportunities include but not limited to; Arizona Diamondbacks, Chandler Parade of Lights, Winter Recital, and Spring Recital. We also have our Dazzlers Performance Team that performs and competes throughout the season.

  • Does my child need to wear specific dance attire to class?

    Yes, please see our dress code for more information.

  • Are costume modest at Arizona Dance Studio?

    Yes, AZ Dance Studio will not sell any clothing or costumes that will ever ‘solicit’ our dancers. All clothing from AZ Dance Studio will show no under garments or bare midriffs. Clothing will always be age appropriate for every level of dance.

  • Does Arizona Dance Studio ahve a performance or competitive team?

    Yes, Dazzlers is our performing and competitive team. Both boys and girls are welcome to be a part of this team. Try-outs to be a part of Dazzlers are held the second week of June each year. Dazzlers perform in 3 local regional competitions during the spring and 1 national competition in July. Dazzlers also perform at local events such as Phoenix Suns, Ostrich Festival Parade, Arizona State Fair, and more.