Friday, July 31, 2020

Welcome New Dancers and Welcome Back our Returning Dancers to Arizona Dance Studio! We are excited welcome everyone into our studio for our 6th season. We look forward to having you a part of our dance family to not only receive exceptional dance training but build relationships that will last for years to come. As we are still facing daily battles with covid-19 we are taking extra safety precautions in order to insure our dancer’s safety as well as our staff.

We will be following all protocols set out for us by our Arizona Governor’s Office for Youth Activities as well as additional protocols we have put into place. We are happy to offer all classes in person or online via ZOOM. Every family has the option to make the best decision for their family whether they will be taking class in person or online. All protocols will be enforced until further notice. All dancers and families must adhere to all protocols at all times. Failure to comply will result in immediate removal from in person classes.

Arizona Dance Studio implements a specific class dress code. Please go over the dress code with your dancer so they are aware of what is expected. Failure to comply will result in 1. Warning 2. Dismissed from Class. Arizona Dance Studio offers a full in studio store to pick up and order any leotards, tights, and shoes you may need. You can find our dress code here.

AZD Safety Protocols

Our #1 RULE! If you feel sick, or have been exposed to covid stay home. You can hop on our live ZOOM class instead.

All adults and staff are required to wear masks. **All of Ms. Terri’s classes/students are asked to wear a mask. Curriculum will be adjusted for dancer safety**

Dancers must bring their own personal water bottle. Drinking fountains are closed at this time.

Dancers must arrive dressed for class to assist with unnecessary bathroom usage.

NO dance bags are permitted in the studio at this time. Dancers should bring only the necessary shoes for that day.

Dancers will place belongings (i.e. shoes, water bottle) on designated spaces in classroom. If dancer has a phone or car keys they will be placed in an individual blue bin at the front desk and will be sanitized after each use.

We encourage all parents to have their dancer use the restroom at home before class. The restroom will be available but we would like to limit use as much as possible.

Dancers may not enter studio until 5 minutes prior to class. If dancer arrives any earlier they will politely be asked to leave.

Upon arrival all dancers and staff must wash hands at our hand washing station as well as between classes and when leaving.

Dancers who may have a break between classes (no longer than 45 minutes) are welcome to stay if needed. They will be held liable to social distance during that time, our front desk staff will encourage social distancing. We encourage parents to pick-up dancers for any and all breaks to limit congregating.

All Classes will end 5 minutes early (except last class of the day) to allow for sanitizing between classes. All touched surfaces will be fully cleaned and disinfected between each class and every evening with a CDC approved disinfectant.

All gathering places will remain closed (i.e. lobby areas, student locker room.)

Parents/Guardians will be implemented to pick-up and drop-off only. If you would like to view your child’s class like you have in the past you may do so via ZOOM. This will be done with the same codes you would use for at home class. You will be asked to mute your microphone and keep your camera on.

All classrooms have 6ft spaced floor markers to ensure social distancing. Dancers will be asked to stand on those markers.

All classes will be done without the use of equipment (ballet barres, yoga blocks, bands, etc. We will use our mats for tumbling only and they will be sanitized between each class. If your child is in tumbling and you wish for them to not use a mat please let us know.

OUR YOUNGEST DANCERS i.e. CREATIVE MOVEMENT, COMBO & TINY CLASSES: Will be held in the Pink Room. We will use the Pink Room door for all pick-up and drop-off.  All dancers will be given hand sanitizer upon entering and exiting. Please walk your child to the door upon start of class. Be sure to practice social distancing.

AZD Online Class Information

 If your child will be taking classes at home or you are wanting to watch your child in class please follow these steps.  We will be using ZOOM for all online classes. Please dress in proper dance attire for class and have a water bottle or glass of water in your reach so you do not have to leave. Below are Meeting ID’s  that are different by teacher. To find out what teacher your child has view our schedule here and look at the initials at the end of the class. you need these in order to log into the Meeting.

Instructions on how to use ZOOM.

  1. Go to or Download the ZOOM App
  2. Click JOIN A MEETING (tab is 3 from right at top of screen)
  3. Enter MEETING ID found below for your dancers’ specific teacher
  4. Enter password 2020 for each meeting you join
Miss. Ella AH- 898 0123 1224 Ms. Bailey BM- 885 5792 1739 Ms. Brooke BS- 836 8687 0334 Ms. Casey CC- 876 5187 5418 Ms. Faith FM- 848 0348 0681
Ms. Hutton HP- 818 3556 9750 Miss. Sydney SS- 821 5821 8448 Ms. Terri TC-883 5127 4002 Ms. Teryn TT- 857 6098 2581 Mrs. Tiffany TL- 838 8124 4630
Ms. Amy AS- 883 7264 1201 Mrs. Alex AV- 811 2515 9979